"Diversity and independence are important because the best collect decisions are the product of disagreement and content, not consensus or compromise." - James Surowiecki

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Leadership Discussion Series

The BRICC facilitates an internal workforce development initiative for AFOSR entitled the Leadership Discussion Series. The inaugural event, first held on 27 March 2014, focused on climate, culture, and leadership at the lowest levels and featured a keynote address by Acting Director Colonel Szmerekovsky, a facilitated discussion by BRICC Program Manager, Luke Sebby, and small group breakout sessions attended by members of each of AFOSR’s internal divisions. The internal dialogue offered AFOSR leadership an in-depth look into AFOSR corporate culture and the issues that matter most to the workforce. AFOSR leadership embraced several of the recommendations that emerged from these breakout groups. The team is currently building future iterations of this discussion series.